Solutions to problems

Problems most people would have with their urinals

The Problems

Commercial water rates are fast becoming one of the major bills which most companies have to pay on an annual basis. Since we started in the “Water Saving Business” over 10 years ago we have seen rates rise from .65 cents per cubic metre to €2.98 a cubic metre. In the majority of sites we survey – it really is watching money being poured down the drain – and no need for it.

98% of the water used in most standard commercial buildings goes down the toilet…

UrinalFly.medToilet maintenance and Hygiene is something that has to be kept up on a regular basis. Traditionally an area of high water usage, bad smells and poor levels of Hygiene – toilets are the one area which take a lot of the “Water Spend” – In some cases 96% of the total spend. The average cistern supplying 1-2 urinals costs anywhere between €950 – €1,950 per annum in water rates.

Once fitted, urinal waste outlets are normally left in place until the urinal is replaced. Several things happen as follows: The waste outlet usually becomes coated in uric salts and lime scale. The cleaners in an effort to disguise the smell throw urinal blocks into the bowl. These eventually wear down and fall into the urinal trap along with chewing gum, wrapping papers, tissue etc. Add to this the build-up of uric salts, hair, bio-film, body fats and lime scale and over time the urinal becomes clogged and overflows. The maintenance person then having the disgusting job of cleaning the urinal traps and waste pipes turns the water up in order to try and avoid future blockages. This however is not the solution as in some cases this increases the build-up of lime scale especially in hard water areas.

Smells are caused by a build-up of uric salts in the waste outlet, by scale/pitting on the face of the urinal which leads to a build-up of scum and bacteria and by overspray which leads to a build up underneath the urinal, exposed pipe work, tiles and floor. Left untreated these are major sources of smells and deteriorate further when hot air/heat is introduced into the equation. In a lot of cases (in my experience), cleaners will avoid these areas due to the unsightly appearance and smell which in turn makes the situation worse. Thus the gents toilets become an embarrassment for both staff and visitors alike, reflect badly on your Organisations image as well as becoming a costly drain on your finances – all in all a vicious cycle is created which left to its own devices is never ending. This is where we come in.

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tapsshowersTaps and Showers that let up to 20 litres of water through per minute when 5 litres will suffice. Imagine someone brushing their teeth for 5 minutes with the tap left running. That is 100 litres of water –even done once a day x 365 days in the year – that uses 36,500 litres of water annually.  The average shower lasts for 7 minutes and uses up to 90 litres of water when 35 litres of water will suffice (Note: quality of shower will not be affected.)

The Solutions

We offer a range of water saving products and service which will cut your water usage/bills, save you money, give you better hygiene and zero maintenance costs. On top of that we offer all our clients a zero blockage guarantee.

Our first job on any site is to analyse water usage – identify where savings can be made and offer you the client – solutions – This is a Free Service.



Services offered include:

  • Low Flow Urinal Sleeve System – 6 week service schedule which includes deep clean on Urinals, immediate area and waste pipes cleaned completely twice annually.
  • Waterless Urinals – 12 week service with deep clean of Urinal and immediate area coupled with a waste pipe clean twice annually.

Both of these services can be retro fitted to existing urinals at a fraction of the cost it would take to install new equipment and are hugely cost effective (even after paying for our services), Hygienic and Maintenance Free. We offer a Zero Blockage guarantee with both products/services.

  • We also offer an annual or six monthly (depending on usage) maintenance package where we come in, carry out a deep clean on your Showers, Urinals, WC bowls, Sinks and Waste Pipes (back to the main stack). This can be extended to cleaning kick boards, tiles, carrying out minor repairs, re-grouting/touching up tiles/timber work etc. This service is also available to clients who do not wish to avail of our Water saving Urinal Services/Products and also carries a Zero Blockage Guarantee.
  • We can supply you or supply and fit a range of water saving products such as low flow volume adjustors, tap and shower aerators, water saving taps, Eco-Shower heads that will save you hundreds of Euros year after year…
  • Give you the benefit of our professional experience – Free Newsletters and Updates.
  • Combatting Legionellas Disease: We also supply, fit and service (if needed) battery operated timers complete with solenoids to effectively mechanise water flow off in pipe work (allowing stagnant water to be mechanically released) thus preventing the possibility of contracting Legionella’s disease.