Water Saving Systems – Products and Services

We provide a full range of water saving products and services

We provide a full range of water saving products and services which include:

Low flow Urinal Sleeve System. This system uses a bacterial enzyme in the base of the urinal bowl coupled with a timer and solenoid which is fitted over the water cistern. Whilst it does use some water to clean the face of the urinal bowl and replenish the urinal trap (average flush is every 4 hours) water consumption is cut by 96%. Click here for full description.

Waterless Urinal. This system uses a non-return valve coupled with an enzyme block inserted into the base of the urinal. Click here to read the full description.


Eco-Shower heads. These can be easily fitted and use between 5-7 litres of water per minute as opposed to the standard 12 litres per minute. There is no loss in pressure or quality of shower and different models are available for electric, mains fed or tank fed showers.


Low Flow Volume Reducers – as the name implies the low flow volume reducer looks like a standard isolation valve but has an insert that can be changed so you can reduce your water flow to let 5,6,7,8,or 9 litres of water through your tap or shower per minute.

Water saving taps and tap aerators. The water saving taps have a built in flow adjustor and have to be purchased new, whilst existing taps and indeed showers can be retro-fitted with aerators. The aerator reduces the volume of water flowing through the tap, whilst adding air to the flow thus reducing any effect in the pressure. So for example a tap may be letting though 12 litres of water per minute before installing the aerator whereas after installing the aerator it will only allow 6 litres through per minute with no loss in pressure. This saving of 6 litres  per minute on a tap that is opened on and off for even 20 minutes a day will save you an average of 40,000 litres of water per year.

Organic pipe cleaning. Annual or six monthly Maintenance Service. We provide a full deep cleaning service on your toilet’s which include cleaning Sink traps, sinks, Showers/wastes/trays and waste pipes and full organic cleaning on your Urinal, Urinal Traps and waste pipes all the way back to the main stack (4” or 6”) pipe. This cleaning will leave the waste pipe work like new without any adverse effects (were it to be cleaned with acids or heavy cleaning solutions). We also offer maintenance/refurbishing service on small jobs that need doing such as filling cracks, repairing/replacing tiles/woodwork. etc. This service can be carried out every 6 months or every year depending on the volume of usage. We offer a ZERO BLOCKAGE GUARANTEE with this service ( and if there are any blockages we come on site to sort them out at our own cost) so In effect Your Maintenance is taken care of by us at no great cost to you.