Low Flow Urinal Sleeve System

Immediate elimination of Smell from the urinal bowls

The Urinal Sleeve System

The following are the benefits when you use the Urinal Sleeve System:

  1. Immediate elimination of Smell from the urinal bowls.
  2. Dramatic improvement in Hygiene levels.
  3. Environmentally friendly natural bacterial enzymes which eliminate the need for harmful chemicals, chemical blocks and deodorisers – thus a green agenda.
  4. Dramatic Water Savings in terms of volume used and costs (water rates). In most cases the savings are up to 90% of previous costs pre installation.
  5. Zero Blockages when used with the H.E.L.P. Group’s service package as described below.

How it Works

osnova-usluge2The Urinal Sleeve can be fitted to new or retro fitted to existing urinals. The Urinal Sleeve once inserted into the new waste collar at the base of the urinal will immediately block any smells from coming back up.  The shape of the dome head on top of the sleeve is designed so as to avoid splash back when someone urinates into the bowl.  The teeth design at the base of the dome head prevents rubbish, chewing gum and many other materials from falling into the urinal trap. Natural Enzyme bacteria are contained in a block format within the dome head of the sleeve. When a person urinates into the bowl, some of this enzyme is washed down into the urinal trap along with the urine.  The enzyme then converts the uric salt (in the urine) into a product called allantoin within the Urinal Trap.  Because allantoin is soluble in water it is then washed away in the next flush.

Because the enzyme needs at least 4-6 hours to work on the uric salts and the fact that the smell is locked in below the water line we then cut back the cistern flush rates. This is where the savings come in big time on some sites.  We fit a battery operated timer and solenoid on the water feed pipe to the cistern. As standard we set the timer to flush the cistern 4 times a day. So when you consider that an average cistern is factory set to flush every 15 minutes and some have been upped to flush every 2-5 minutes you can easily work out the savings to be made.  For example a cistern that flushes every 10 minutes, the figures are as follows:

Water usage before fitting the Urinal Sleeve System.  9 litres x 6 flushes per hour = 54 litres per hour x 24 = 1,296 litres daily x 365 days =473,040 litres annually or 473 cubic metres.

Water usage after fitting the Urinal Sleeve System. 9 litres x 4 flushes per day = 36 litres per day x 365 days = 13,140 litres annually or 13 cubic metres. In this example the annual water saving is 459,900 litres or 460 cubic metres. That is a pretty impressive saving.

However the secret to free flowing urinals, zero blockage and cost free maintenance is in our service or good housekeeping as we like to call it.

Our Service Package – Your guarantee – Zero blockages and NO maintenance/Call OUT CHARGES

After installation we service every 6 weeks. We carry out the following works on each service visit to ensure that your urinals remain free flowing and your urinal area is kept to a high standard of cleanliness.

  • We scrub and clean the inside of the urinal bowl, outside, underneath, exposed pipework, immediate walls and floor area to get rid of any uric salt or bacterial build up.
  • We clean the urinal traps of hair and bio-film build up and run a bacterial cleaning solution through the waste pipe work. If needed we blow this through back to the main stack with a kinetic water ram.
  • The old sleeve is removed and replaced with a fresh new sleeve.
  • The area is cleaned and all rubbish removed.
  • The system is checked every quarter to make sure the timer and solenoid are working perfectly. We offer a two year guarantee on all parts and in fact do not quibble if we have to change a timer or solenoid three years down the road. We take care of the maintenance back to the main stack so if a seal or a urinal trap needs replacing – we do it – No charge.
  • We clean the urinals and waste pipe work with an organic cleaning solution on an annual or 6 monthly basis. (depends on what volume of usage the urinals are getting). Either way once we fit if you have a problem with the urinals we come on site free of charge to sort it out.