Waterless Urinals

Dramatic improvement in Hygiene levels

The Waterless Urinal System

  • Immediate elimination of Smell from the urinal bowls when used with an enzyme system
  • Dramatic improvement in Hygiene levels.
  • Environmentally friendly natural bacterial enzymes which eliminate the need for harmful chemicals, chemical blocks and deodorisers – thus a green agenda.
  • Dramatic Water Savings – well they are waterless now!
  • Zero Blockages when used with the H.E.L.P. Group’s service package as described below.

How it Works

osnova-usluge1The waterless urinal system can be fitted to existing urinals. The non-return valve once inserted into the base of the urinal will immediately block any smells from coming back up. It will also prevent chewing gum, wrappers, and many other materials from falling into the urinal trap – however the urinal must be cleaned daily. The natural enzyme bacteria are contained in a block format within the dome head that sits on top of the non-return valve. When someone urinates into the urinal bowl some of this enzyme is taken down into the waste pipe. Upon installation the existing urinal trap is removed and an inspection port fitted. The installer may change the existing pipe work to ensure that there is free fall to the main stack.

In existing installations we tie up the ball cock in the cistern to stop the water flushing and also leave the pipe work in place. Because it is a waterless system we put in place an intensive SERVICE REGIME which includes:

  • Changing the Enzyme every 13 weeks.
  • Opening and cleaning the access pipe underneath the urinal.
  • Running bacterial solution through the waste pipes to clear them of any build including hairs, bio-film, uric sludge, body fats etc.
  • Blowing the waste pipe work back to the main stack to ensure that it is running clear.
  • The non-return valve is replaced on every alternate service (minimum of three valve changes per annum).